35 thoughts on “Duck hunting – "Cascade"

  1. Jennie Joy says:

    Watching this with my husband and trying to figure out where you're filming. The end reminded me on Tillamook, in the middle it felt more like anywhere between Odell lake over to The 3 sisters area/Bend/ Bachelor. N.

  2. WATRFWL says:

    Great video guys! My only critique is at 8:17, I think the guy missing shots is because your head is not on the stock. Need to practice mounting the gun. I think we have all been there, bering to anxious and shooting too fast without proper mount.

  3. matt ford says:

    Just found the channel binge watching every video now. Best waterfowling videos on YouTube period. Great work guys. Love the content. I know it’s NW but try coming down south with us in Ky and TN sometime. Once again best videography and editing out

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