High Plains Elk Hunt with New Mossberg Patriot Rifle

Backcountry Hunts’ Chuck Sharpe and Ron Spomer hike the amazing High Plains of New Mexico in search of big bull elk in surprising habitat. A classic, all-American hunt with American-built Mossberg Patriot rifle, Leupold VX6 scope and Nosler Trophy Grade Accubond ammunition in the flat-shooting 7mm Remington Magnum.

24 thoughts on “High Plains Elk Hunt with New Mossberg Patriot Rifle

  1. Max Air says:

    Ron looks like you give a lot of power away with that 22in barrel in 7mm rem mag I think that 24 or 26 would have smacked him a lot harder. But nice bull however congrats

  2. David Dormaier says:

    Hmmm…wondering about that 22” barrel and 3 well placed shots. Time to go back to the drawing board. When we don’t make instant kills multiple times in a row, it’s time for some critical evaluation. Good shooting, nice animal, time for revaluation.

  3. PK PK says:

    Rule of thumb when hunting Elk or Stag, is shoot until he is down. They are pretty tough, shoot until he drops or you cannot see him anymore.

  4. Jerry Deaton says:

    Ron how much of a difference does the 7mm mag have over the 7mm 08? I can’t make my mind up which one to get. A lot of it will be for range shooting with hunting also. Seems like in my area ammunition cost about the same.

  5. Mike Couchman says:

    Hey Ron, 300 Win Mag right. Walk Carefully out in that open fields and hills of New Mexico, you just might roll up on William H. B. , Im Texas, he aint in Hico. Great vid wish it was longer. Great Elk too. Congradulations.

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