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When Elika was made redundant from her job at a warehouse, things looked bleak. Unable to pay her rent, she was kicked out by her landlord and ended up sleeping at friend’s houses and living out of her car.

Elika signed on for Job Seeker’s Allowance to tide her over and set about looking for more work. As anyone currently job hunting knows, it’s a tough market and Elika experienced her fair share of rejections, despite sending out hundreds of CVs. But she eventually landed a role in a bank and is hoping to go on to further study. Here Elika shares the job hunting tips which worked for her.


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11 thoughts on “Basic job hunting tips | The Mix

  1. Natasha Bowen says:

    Many employers advertise on line as they have to follow Equal Opps guidelines BUT they have someone in place who has probably been doing the job well for months or years and is destined to get the job if she/he has proved him/herself BUT they have to advertise the job anyway which means that really good candidates who think/know that they have to qualities don't stand a chance because there is someone already in place to take the job.  It is outrageous allowing people to apply for jobs as it is a very time consuming when everyone in the know knows who is going to get the job.  Councils and the public sector are the worst offenders.

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