49 thoughts on “Badlands – Archery Mule Deer Hunt on Public Land 2017

  1. Alan Barnck says:

    Great film, ND Badlands Mule Deer a very under rated hunt. I've been going since 1998.I continue to learn and endure. Planning on 2019 if I'm lucking enough to draw a tag. Hooked for life, this type of hunting not for the placid type of hunter. Rough terrain, step ridges,snakes, prickly pear cactus, wind and boy can those deer see and smell you. I use a long bow made by a North Dakota bowyer "Kota"adds even more to the chase.

  2. 455rockett says:

    Hi, you know that was a good hunt to watch, I have my own, and sometimes it's cool to see other go thru the wind, and the rain and the snow, and all at the same time, buurrrr cold, it was a cool hunt, I'm also amazed at the video you did get. Great job,

  3. Gabe Goetz says:

    Great hunt, love the badlands my home state, always sad to see a marginal hit on such a great buck but that is bow hunting sometimes especially on long shots windy days, congrats on a well earned mulie

  4. Prairie Falcon says:

    Man oh man, what a magnificent buck!!! You definitely did it right! This was a really exciting episode showing of how it's done! Thank you for filming and sharing this. It is a buck of a lifetime, for sure! WELL DONE!!! ( and to boot, I didn't even know they had muleys in North Dakota!!?!! Go figure!)

  5. BUCK RUSH says:

    Where’s the exact location of that spot I live in ND and have been looking at spots to go mule deer hunting just don’t know exactly where to go and every one I’ve talked to in my parts only hunt private for mule deer

  6. GAVIN BINGER says:

    This video is a testament to how tough these animals really are. You put it right in the boiler room both times and this buck exhibited some extreme resilience. Absolutely incredible; congrats, Jason!

  7. Jay B says:

    Wow- I don't know if archery hunts or videos get any better than this..!! Awesome stalk, awesome footage, and a STUD buck..! That's literally as good as it gets.

  8. idahomike100 says:

    Awesome,real hunting,did you hit him a second time?
    With that hit and that quality of a buck when he layed down I would have waited at least 8 hours,wouldn't risk him jumping up and leaving the country,you got lucky,

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