Deer Hunting with Kids is the Best Family Fun Outdoors Taking a kid hunting doesn’t have to mean trading away valuable hunting opportunities. Youth hunting and special youth hunts designated by state wildlife agencies are increasing in popularity for a reason. Some trophies can’t be hung on the wall. This full episode of Destination Whitetail explains why.

Season 2017, Episode 7

10 thoughts on “Deer Hunting with Kids is the Best Family Fun Outdoors


    Great video guys and a great message!!!  Just subscribed!  If you get a chance, please check out our "dove season, opening day" video. You WILL laugh guaranteed!!! Also watch our "water survival" video. It's a skill every adult and child should know. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. highflyer131 says:

    God bless! I'm gonna take my 7 years old boy out this weekend for the first time. Been wanting to do it since about her age, but I've been sick the past 2 yrs during deer season so I haven't had the chance. I hope he likes the waiting. He loves being involved in shooting activities and archery.

  3. F3N5T4 says:

    Awesome to see others teaching young kids about hunting. I believe it should be part of school curriculum as well as hunter safety and firearms safety. Unfortunately letting a child sit on your lap while driving no matter how safe you think you are is not teaching safety. As a firefighter I've seen some nasty stuff that people thought would never happen to them. It only takes once and you will live with regret for the rest of your life.

  4. Jimmy Perez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, took my 5 year old last year in the ground blind he lasted 45 min and that was ok he was very inquisitive asked a lot of questions about deer and were they would come out etc my daughter is 3 and already wants to go out love it.

  5. Zeek W says:

    Can't wait for my 3 year old daughter doing same thing. It is just the best time ever spending time with my daughter outdoors. Great job dad!!! Keep it up, I would rather watch this real hunting that all the other fakers!!! We only have 30 acres but maybe one day I will have access or can buy more in future!

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