Mushroom Hunting Tips, Morels, Let them Grow.

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subscribe: Me complaining about people harvesting premature morels. Harvesting premature morels before they are able to spore out will reduce the amount of parent mycelium in the morel habitat. Over time a noticeable reduction in the number of morels will become apparent.
Mushroom hunting tips, Morels, let them grow.

28 thoughts on “Mushroom Hunting Tips, Morels, Let them Grow.

  1. Jason Weimer says:

    Your spot on brother! The people who are harvesting the wild mushrooms like they are earning a check from these corporate harvesters; need to stay out of the woods!

  2. Rob Cameron says:

    Sometimes people only have one day a season to hunt, that's usually my situation. I pick whatever I find. If had an exclusive spot and plenty of time I could let grow.

  3. Earthwalker40 says:

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  4. David Micklow says:

    I agree, part of the enjoyment of picking morels is walking in the woods and finding them. It is hard to mimic mother nature when your trying to grow your own morels in your backyard because like you said they are unpredictable. Morels have a mind of their own it seems, they grow where they want to grow, and when. But I think we should all grow our own because the morel populations are declining, I see less and less of them each year here in western Pennsylvania.

  5. Buckeye_76 says:

    I'm right there with you. I hunt public land here in ohio, and always leave the small ones. About half the time they've been picked a few days later when i return, but i still leave them.

  6. Melinda Lou says:

    I was wondering if you have done a video on chanterelles. I don't really see one here. If not, can you? Do you find them in Ohio? What kind of environment do they prefer?

  7. Larry Cross says:

    I agree with you 100% why kill and eat a fish when its a baby. If you let it grow you can get a meal out of it. I practice the same thing, many people pick hen of the woods when its 10 inches in diameter. You can wait a week and it might be the size of a bushel basket. People pick mushrooms before they spore then wonder why they disappear ?

  8. fire fox says:

    'dave' we have had the same day. but I picked 20 young on a trackline with 2 pickers at one end and 3 pickers at other end. BUT before I picked them I asked for foregivness and said to them 1 day I may be food for you.

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