48 thoughts on “MHGU: LBG/HBG Tutorial

  1. Plasmancer says:

    "the sliding dodge has I frames just like regular dodges" What I frames? I get hit less if I just stand there and either take a hit or get pushed out of the way, dodging is just get hit

  2. shadowsa2b says:

    question for any experienced hunter who comes across this, or gaijin himself. since HBG is not about the element shots as LBG is, how do you go about selecting a HBG to make and use? is it as simple as picking highest raw, low deviation, and make sure it can take a couple of shot types? cus that seems like you would never need more than one or two lines to b working on for the whole game

  3. MiGG0 says:

    Thanks for this. Here I thought I'll never touch bowguns but you just gave me a new vision on weapons I overlooked.
    Adept and Alchemy is fun to play in my opinion… Gotta try out that Valor Style as well.

  4. FalconedFilms says:

    Is there any way to fire with any of the shoulder or bumper buttons, I hate pressing A to fire and I'm coming from mhw. I just want to aim with analog sticks and fire at the same time.

  5. MrCactuar13 says:

    I miss how gunner class was actually interesting in the older games. At first I thought the streamlined approach they went for MHW was intuitive but there is just no depth to using any of the ranged weapons.

  6. Dude says:

    Is there a way to have more shots at a time loaded? As example I only have 3 shots for normal and I would be happy if I could have that many shots as well.

  7. Subvert says:

    Way to blow my buzz guy. I am playing Monster Hunter for the first time ever on switch and fucking loving it, the first thing you say is "So you are probably getting bored of Monster Hunter". Now I'm worried about how easy it is to get bored of this game. THANKS BUDDY

  8. Federico Silano says:

    A question about heavy bowgun valor style: can I use any kind of ammo in the valor crouching fire or does it have to be ammo listed under the "crouching fire" tab of the weapon?

  9. Kloqdq says:

    "Once you go into valor mode, that is when the fun start." I have heard this line at least 14 times now and its got to be a joke. No way you just use the same line every time by accident.

  10. Pick Collins says:

    One little tip that I want to give to entry level players is that gunner weapons are very fun and very influential on a hunt in the right hands, but it is not recommended you try solo hunts with them unless you know what you are doing. You do lack some of the maneuverability that you would otherwise have with blademaster weapons and if the monster keeps their attention on you, most of your time will be devoted to trying to disengage and get their attention off of you instead of hitting them with your shots. As opposed to blademaster, where you can hold your own up close and weave attacks into your dodging somewhat fluidly.

    That being said, Valor LBG is good for solo hunts and while I haven't tried alchemy LBG yet, it looks incredibly fun and looks like a great style for a support build (and I do love me some supporting)

  11. LycanXNoble says:

    What I do find really annoying with the quick target mode is the way the analog stick is handled, there is simply no goddamn speed curve, which makes it a pain to aim correctly. There is also a strange movement the target makes right after you've shot when you use the character movement joystick.
    I vaguely remember a horrible arena quest with LBG in 4U that made me drop the weapon until I tried it again on World where i found it amazing (moving and aiming with it is just so much better, but I can understand the lack of deepness in the technical aspect).
    I just hope I'll be able to get into using the Bowguns in XX (or even games that will keep using the old bowgun system).

  12. Ratched Clank says:

    can someone tell me if the new "charged shot" hunter art for LBG is good? i used it a few times, but holding A to charge while also moving and Aiming is hard. I need more thumbs on my right hand =/

  13. Ark /:Silence says:

    One tip. You shouldnt use the 4u video as a example for GU. MVs changed a lot and, for example, Pierce 2 is crap. Has one MV of difference with Pierce1, making this bullet type really useless.

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