40 thoughts on “Hunting Colorado Elk On Public Land (2)

  1. mikehoj2420 says:

    @Rikki Swedhin…..Couldn't agree more with following the law.
    @Wyatt Collinson….we usually bleed whitetail as well as fish the same way.
    @cutterboyus…..way off topic and waaaaay too political for a trophy hunt video
    @Pete Lane…..please go fudgepack your boyfriend and post a video of it bc I am sure you have more expertise in that department than commenting on conservation/trophy elk hunting.
    @Wildbone Outdoors…..THANK YOU for showing what a simple man with simple dreams can achieve.

  2. Advocate471 says:

    I'm not a hunter, but I do respect hunters b/c usually they respect the land and animals they kill….more than the rest of us do probably. It would be nice to have seen this animal go down on the first shot. It's annoying to hear the second guy laughing while that bull is suffering. Call me a tree hugger, I don't give a shit.

  3. Rikki Swedhin says:

    If you are going to publish a video about elk hunting in CO on public lands and use sponsors, then it would behoove you to follow the laws of CO at all times. You must wear 500 sq inches of daylight fluorescent orange while hunting. The first part of the video shows Wes zeroing in, several times, on different bulls and not one instance did he have on the required orange.

  4. David says:

    Thought that was Unit 2!! Have hunted it many times. Cows only so far. Haven't been able to draw there the last 3 years. Hopefully in 2015bb

  5. cutterboyus says:

    Boycott Colorado! Don't spend your hunting or vacation dollars in a state that takes away your 2d Amendment rights. Wyoming, Montana and Utah respect your and your business, Colorado does not!

  6. Steve Miranda says:

    Why would you take the chance of being illegal and getting ticketed after 20 years waiting for that tag ? you didn't have your ORANGE vest for the one with a broken antler, ORANGE is required to hunt rifle in COLORADO on public land. Its a minor infraction but still careless. Other then that AWESOME BULL.

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