Far Cry 5 Guide: Possible Stationary Eagle Location (Hunting Challenge)

Hunting and skinning eagles is required for the Been There, Done That trophy / achievement and is one of many challenges. They can be tricky to find and even trickier to kill. However, there’s a stationary eagle in John’s region. It’s right in between Lincoln Lookout Tower and the Pronghorn hunting location. As long as you didn’t complete the High Tension Prepper Stash nearby the eagle will spawn there. Fast travel to the nearest location to make it respawn. If you’ve already completed the Prepper Stash, you’ll have to go hunt for eagles a bit south-east of that location.

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14 thoughts on “Far Cry 5 Guide: Possible Stationary Eagle Location (Hunting Challenge)

  1. Killer553 says:

    Check out Snowshoe lake in Jacob's region far left.

    I managed to find my eagles there.Just have been hunting or fishing and some eagle shown from the time to time.If you cant find any eagle try to fast travel somewhere else and back.

  2. Sketchy One says:

    Thanks. I lost the body on the first try but quit out the game and reloaded and sure enough it was still there waiting to be shot again. Dunno if this would work if you shot it/looted it and quit out but worth a try if you need the whole 3 eagles

  3. Chris M says:

    eagles are not there after you get the stash. going back to the farm with the alien crop circle after you do the mission there didn't work either.

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