Big Missouri Bucks Deer Hunting Full Episode

The Backwoods Life crew is in Lewistown, Missouri hunting with Travis Fleer of Spikes N Spurs Outfitters. Bow hunts, gun hunts, and more as the guys try to fill whitetail deer tags in the “show me” state.

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30 thoughts on “Big Missouri Bucks Deer Hunting Full Episode

  1. Michael Enochs says:

    Its hard to be very accurate at 400 yards. I could barely nail a pop can at 300 with a 270. Its good for a hunter to find their limit and stick with that as to not injure any deer. Nothing wrong passing deer up.

  2. k123332 says:

    I had some G1's on my rattlen antlers, and they busted up my thumbs all the time. I ended up cutting them off and making some cool key chains out of them.

  3. BROWNING27014 says:

    Hey man i know how woody feels!! I shot over a 10 point at 50 yards I was shakin so bad!! That dang buck fever set in and i was shakin the shootin house it felt like! Lol

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