22 thoughts on “Sambar Deer Hunting – Sambar are good tucker! Traditional Bowhunting and Rifle

  1. Robert Bradnock says:

    Hey there Matt like others have said great video and I love the ethics you have with hunting and life… they match my own which is bloody great to see and more people need to get on board with them. I am in NZ so I am not sure how the hunting works over your way. Are you hunting on public land? do you need permits to hunt or is there a time of the year that you can hunt. I would love to come over and give hunting a crack in Oz at some stage. Well take care on the hills and in life Matt and keep the footage coming look forward to the next one.

  2. clancy roberts says:

    great vid mate- I think it might be your best yet that I've seen anyway! a great hunt and some beautiful footage. keep up the good work mate, looking forward to the next installment

  3. Damien Beltrami says:

    Hah I use to fix Julian the Knife mans lawn mower, I got him to sharpen a knife for me once and he ground that much out of it I decided to buy a lanksys knife sharpening system and never looked back

  4. Fran o' Toole says:

    for me the whole idea of eating game is for the taste……im not going to go through all the hard work and effort of the hunt just to get something that tastes like chicken. so many people complain that game meat is too gamey??? for me thats the whole point, the gameyer the better….its supposed to taste like that, not the walmart packaged crap you get from the stores.it tastes great,peoples taste buds are just too tame these days to appreciate whats availeable. not that im complaining mind you, because the more people want the less there is for others so its a win win for us hunters ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Bolt-Action Productions says:

    Another top production Matt. Just sitting looking at the deer on the opposite valley can be a day well spent but to take home some meat is a real bonus. The blowies are certainly out early this year and make you work a lot faster for the reward. The stinkies are not really my thing but that was a mighty fine shot on that billy. Love the words of wisdom and so true what you spoke of. As far as eating Sambar. A quote from the "Castle" sums it up. "It's what you do with it". Top stuff mate. Keep doing what you do.

  6. Jonsey 300 says:

    Thanks for sharing Matt , thumbs up from me. Great footage. The bags and jackets you have on your vids r they available ? They look hard wearing and warm. If so where can I get them from.

  7. MountainMan HuntingFilms says:

    Fantastic opening, middle and ending, I loved it. Your narration is so on point mate. And man would I enjoy to share a campfire with you if you're slow cooking meals like that one!! Splendid Matt, thanks for sharing

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