DIY Deer Hunting Box Blind

DIY Deer Hunting Box Blind, My hole goal is to build a very comfortable and highly effective hunting spot, one that you can hunt out of when the time comes to put in those long sits. My plan it to see if i can build this for under 500.00. witch is about 1/4 the cost of one from the big box stores. SO far i have only spent 140.00. and all of this is made from treated lumber. If you have any question please fill free to ask, I am more than happy to help. Thanks and please subscribe.

27 thoughts on “DIY Deer Hunting Box Blind

  1. Don Smith says:

    Hi there – I am Don and I am a freelance writer. I am working on an article about deer blinds. Would you mind sending me a message? I would love to ask a few questions! Thanks, Don Smith –

  2. Random Things says:

    Double A Structures has the high quality stands for an affordable price!! Check them out on Facebook! I have one myself, built out of wood so there built to last…. Very solid!! Nice start to your stand tho man!! I would never go back to a ladder stand!

  3. Zule says:

    You’re a big guy and that thing was wobbling you should have used 4X4’s or telephone poles and concrete. Right now it looks like a your going to throw a blanket over it and a girl will appear. I hope there’s a part 2 or I wasted 17.5 mins of my life plus 3 more writing my smart ass comment

  4. Norman Miller says:

    Wow two whole deer prints! Must be a hot spot, atleast a 200 incher! Better build me a cabin on stilts here! Sorry but call me old fashioned all i need is a climber an my bow

  5. HowardTibsTheThird says:

    Good job man! This looks very close to what I want to do, but I’m on the side of a mountain. How deep did you go with your posts? Will you anchor them as well? With having my son or daughter up there, I’d be nervous about stability. Looking forward to part 2.

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