Waterfowl Hunting 2018 : Jump Shoot On The River

On this goose/duck hunt I was able to get out on the river to do a quick jump shoot during the mid day. I jumped a good flock of about 50 geese very quickly and knocked one bird out of them. I then paddled a whole mile practically seeing nothing but hearing the geese upstream of me the whole way. Once I got to where the geese where they started flushing before I even saw them and with them lots of ducks. I tried to setup for the ducks but none ever came back. I got a goose at the end of my sit that really wanted to land where I was, and shortly after starting to paddle again I got a wood duck and should have got a couple more. I ended the day with a limit of geese and a wood duck.

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20 thoughts on “Waterfowl Hunting 2018 : Jump Shoot On The River

  1. Austin Ling says:

    Hey, what kind of kayak are you using? I've watched a few of your videos and appreciate the work you seem to put in. I just bought a kayak and will be hunting some of the waters in central VA myself this season. Also a fellow Longwood grad!

  2. Stephen Mazzei says:

    What part of va are you from? I hunt Prince George/Surry area maybe oneday this season I can take you to a mallard heaven i have on public water thats only accessible by kayak and is rediculous hunting dm me on ig or sum Mazzei_Stephen12

  3. Vladimir Jimenez says:

    Hey man can you subscribe to my channel I will be lunching a new YouTube channel just for hunting and fishing I will send you the link once I get it up and running awesome video man

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