Shooting Cats: Australia's War on Feral Cats

WARNING: This video contains graphic content.

In Shooting Cats, VICE set out to explore the consequences of Australia’s feral cat plague, and confront the uncomfortable and violent realities of dealing with it. Most suburban Australians give feral cats little thought. But for residents of the country’s rural fringes, they’re a diabolical pest and scourge on wildlife. Found in 99 percent of Australia, they’re estimated to kill more than two million native animals a day. That devastation has seen Kangaroo Island local Barry Green declare a personal war against cats; trapping and skinning them, before turning them into hats and fridge magnets.

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29 thoughts on “Shooting Cats: Australia's War on Feral Cats

  1. tas tiger says:

    Humans usually cause the introductions of feral animals and plants, so it is up to us to rectify the problem! No easy feat, especially when the introduced species covers 99% (such as a cat) of the mainland and has a good supply of newcomers – people letting their pets out to run away, dumping them in the bush etc. There is a product called °Eradicat, produced by scientists (or lab techs? whoever..needs a medal in my books) ready to be released into the wild, it will only target cats, BUT the cat 'people' in Australia kick up such a stink, it hasn't yet been released! Keep your precious cats inside and it will not catch the disease! And if it does…just go to your local cat shelter and get another one…and another one, a cat is so replaceable, imagine the shelters being half or a quarter full? Nope they have MORE than they can cater for, asshole cat owners, always dumping their poor kitties…

  2. tas tiger says:

    There needs to be a bounty on their heads, so people are encouraged to kill the filthy things, the gov. needs to make a payment for every cat shot in Australia… the poor carnivorous marsupial (pouched like a kangaroo) the thylacine, also called the Tasmanian tiger had a bounty, this is far more important…

  3. walshgeorgia1 says:

    I’m sorry that the cats destroy things but they are cats and that’s how they live they deserve to have a life just like any animal and any human being people need to try natural ways of stopping cats and other animals from wrecking things try spraying pepper in areas you don’t want them in or put fencing up to stop them from coming in or something I don’t know but killing animals just because your trying to have a better life is not good it’s very sad that people think it’s ok to kill animals I don’t care if their Ferrell or not they deserve a life they are cats they don’t understand what is humans are trying to say they deserve to live maybe try and catch the cat and give it to people who are experienced with joking Ferrell cats maybe there’s no need to shoot them for any reason it’s discussing behaviour especially when your keeping their fur and cutting them up and everything far out let them live their life they’re just like human beings that deserve a life their are definitely other ways to control a cat I’m a huge animal lover Ferrell or tame this is quite disturbing and sick there’s probably a lot of people that will laugh at this comment but I don’t care all I care about is these beautiful animals don’t you think they are scared of you which is why they are acting out maybe they trying to find food because they can’t find food themselves maybe people need to leave cat food and water out for them people need to think outside the box there’s no need for killing cats or any animal that could actually have a chance at life this is not fair they arnt humans they don’t understand so why be unfair and kill just because you think they are a nusence what if you kill someone’s beautiful pet buy accident your going to have some very upset families who will never forgive you for killing their beautiful baby I don’t care if I get scratched or attacked by these small beautiful cats if I was trying to rescue them because they deserve a life and their are actually people out there that can give them that life I can’t believe people think this is ok it’s horrible. I couldn’t even watch this video I can’t imagine how much fear those pore cats go through it breaks my heart I’m sorry if this the way hunters earn money or something but it needs to stop please start finding other ways of dealing with animals they don’t understand they are animals trying to live their life if you leave them be most of the time they will leave you alone if you see they are hunting they are hungry so just leave them food out and water if your sorry worried the cats destroying your things think about other ways to help the cat other then being selfish and killing the cats because you’ve had enough I’m sorry but it’s just disturbing they are innocent creatures that need love and help and support not death because people can’t be bothered the reason why things get extinct is because people think it’s perfectly fine to kill them thinking it will stop the problems well I’m sorry but you’ve got that all wrong you wouldn’t kill a human for eating your food and stuff so why do it to animals have a heart

  4. ruben le says:

    A government that allows it's own citizens to MURDER defenseless cats is a country that will never earn the respect they deserve NEVER ,so the locals think they have the right to MURDER cats or dogs NO ,no man or country has the right to judge what lives or dies ,if there is a problem with feral cats then fix it MUDERING the cats is not the answer spayed them is the answer both male female shooting them would be the last option very last option I thought Australia was a kind to animals country wrong ,there is no where in this world where animals are safe no where that is sad…

  5. bradley c. says:

    First time I've seen a feral cat used as a dunny roll holder, must be a thousand other uses for those buggers. Good idea to desex your domestic cat but pointless doing that to an already feral cat.

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