Elk Hunting Gear List Review 2015

My elk hunting gear review from the 2015 season. The gear list itself can be found at the following link (thanks to Sole Adventure for the original template):
Excel sheet

Overall, I was pretty happy with this year’s gear list. The only thing I would have like to have was a pair of gaiters. I brought things I didn’t need, such as extra camera batteries, an extra fuel canister, and base layer bottoms, but that’s okay. My base pack weight including cameras was 27.3 pounds (plus bow, 8 days of food, and water). With potential upgrades (and ditching the camera gear) getting the pack weight under 20 pounds is achievable while increasing comfort at camp.

Food each day consisted of a Cliff bar for breakfast, a bagel with hard salami and honey for lunch, and an Alpine Aire freeze dried meal for dinner (similar to Mountain House or Backpacker’s Pantry).

For colder late season hunts, in addition to more clothes, I’d swap the shelter for an integrated wood stove shelter, add trekking poles, and use a higher R-value sleeping pad.

DIY Sawtooth shelter

DIY Sawtooth shelter 2

DIY Megatarp shelter

Alps Commander Frame: http://amzn.to/2m8df3W

21 thoughts on “Elk Hunting Gear List Review 2015

  1. Steve says:

    I just purchased the alps commanderz frame and bag but I can’t make sense of it. If you leave it at camp and have an animal down, do you have to head back to camp to get your frame then go back and pack the animal out? Just curious as to what your plan was. I fee that I would want the frame with me all the time. I’m new to all this so I’m trying to learn. Thanks

  2. OpIndependence says:

    My wife and I use the Enlightened Equipment Accomplice quilt. It is their 2 person quilt and we got the 950 fill 10 deg quilt. It was expensive but when we were on our 1st rifle season Elk hunt this year (we live in Colorado) we were camping at over 10,000 ft, it snowed and got down to 15 deg and we were super comfy in that quilt. It is the best money I have spent….except maybe for my Kifaru Reckoning pack. I must also give props to Seek Outside for their Redcliff tipi. It is an amazing tent. Add in the Kifaru cylinder stove and we were more than prepared for the cold weather. Enlightened Equipment, Kifaru and Seek Outside makes top notch products and would recommend them to anyone serious about their gear.

  3. kevin thomas says:

    I liked the day pack attatched to the metal frame idea. I bought a 15 dollar 1970s era aluminum frame to pack out meat. A cheap rain jacket and gloves keeps any blood off my camo gear too. One question: are you still sold on the havalon knife? thinking about one or the outdoor edge.

  4. Greg Godfrey says:

    For a tarp, just get a SilNylon tarp from Warbonnet Outdoors. You'll spend waaaaaay more learning to make your own.
    If you want to upgrade for weight and don't mind spending around $300 get a cuben fiber tarp from either Zpacks or Hammock Gear.

    On my last CO DIY elk trip I used the Cuben Fiber tarp with doors from Hammock Gear and it performed FLAWLESSLY. I highly recommend.

  5. Colorado HunterHiker says:

    Thanks for the video! As for game bags, look at TAG bomb bags or Caribou gear game bags. I have seen both work well first hand. They are pricy but re-useable. As you can see, we have some of the same gear – I've got an unloading 2015 archery gear video. Nice upgrade for the tent. For Gaiters, I'd look at Kuiu (awesome!!) or the Kenetrek (Great, but not as good as Kuiu). For sleeping pads, be sure to check out big agnes q-core (3"+ thick) r value of 4.5-5.

    Like I said, thanks for the video! Good job!

  6. Louie Brennan-LB4 says:

    I ended up picking up a Sony HDR-CX240 off eBay the other day for $80. Trying it out this weekend. Good recommendation. I already had the Garmin 62S per your recommendation. Great videos. Thanks.

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