Deer Hunting the Rut 2013 November 9th

Bow Hunting Bucks 2013. John Royer gets to his favorite treestand in Clarion county Pennsylvania on november 9th and has an incredible hunt which he captures all on film. Although John didnt shoot anything, he video tapes some nice bucks and also draws on a nice buck right by his stand. The Rut is on as buck after buck come by the stand in search of does.

27 thoughts on “Deer Hunting the Rut 2013 November 9th

  1. Brody Reese says:

    you cant eat the antlers so u mise well shoot a legal buck or u can just keep passing them up and some one else would get the deer i think it has been 8 years or 10 since u have shot at a buck right ???????? so maybe next time u see a legal buck take the shot GOOD BYE

  2. Cpl Jake says:

    Very Very Very impressive,,, I have never ever seen that many deer in one day that close NO LESS all bucks.  Great video!!!!  After seeing your video I'm selling my house Mullica Hill NJ and moving to Clarion county PA…haha  Great video again,, Thanks.

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