Rifle Test & Review: Nosler Model 48 Liberty

Nosler makes some of the world’s best centerfire rifle ammunition, but the Oregon-based company also builds an impressive line of bolt-action rifles. We tested the Model 48 Liberty, and it turned out to be a shining example of Nosler’s commitment to premium shooting performance.

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11 thoughts on “Rifle Test & Review: Nosler Model 48 Liberty

  1. nmelkhunter1 says:

    A buddy has a Model 48 in 280 AI. It’s a tack drive since it shoots 3/8” groups with 140 Accubonds leaving the barrel at 3065. However, my 7MM Rem Mag shoots 5/8” groups with 160 Accubonds leaving the barrel at 3000 FPS. Plenty accurate enough to kill a smaller large game antelope like an antelope at 400 yards. It’s a Savage Weather Warrior and is $950 less. Just Sayin’…

  2. RB M says:

    I prefer a hinged floor plate or internal mag because I am not limited to factory COL by a box mag. I can load longer COL to get the true accuracy potential from the rifle with bullets seated to the lands or chamber throat. A box mag limits COL to the size of the box mag and that severly limits accuracy potential of the rifle.

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