Horizon Zero Dawn: HOW TO KILL A SAWTOOTH (Hunting Guide)

Part 1 of the Hunting Guide in Horizon Zero dawn. Today I’ll show you how to effectively kill a Sawtooth

hey what’s up guys I’m here to guide you on your adventures in Horizon Zero Dawn. Today I’ll show you how to kill a Sawtooth a Giant Fearsome Mechanized Feline.

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Horizon Zero dawn is a PS4 exclusive game set in a post apocalyptic world. Machines now rule the world and you must fight and survive in this Immersive world.

25 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn: HOW TO KILL A SAWTOOTH (Hunting Guide)

  1. JaySamurai79 says:

    I joined the party late, I just recently picked up this gem of a game two days ago. How I defeated Sawtooth.

    The battle starts with alloy ontop of the rock. I jumped down of the rock and setup about six tripwires (sorry forgot what there're called) like hurdles in a sprint race one behind another.

    I then threw a stone at ST so it could see me standing between the wires. As it comes forward and gets shocked by the first wire I'd then run up close and hit R1 for a stab. Then I'd quickly run back into the collection of wires I'd setup. As ST comes for another attack it would get shocked by the next set of wires. Rinse and repeat until your last wire. It took less than a minute to kill it.

  2. Catgirl says:

    Thank you for uploading this! I just bought the game last night, yes I know I'm a little late. At any rate last night I kept running and dodging it and nothing was working. I had no idea it's belly was its weak spot, now I'm going to go try this again.

  3. Magnum Opus says:

    when i use the tripshot, that jigga jumps right over it! i think i'm just impatient when it come to the one that takes a lil strategy to take out…..i better get over that, i seen them damn dinobots, and i'm guess you can't rush those sumbitches haha

  4. ShadowStyle369 says:

    Looking at this guide after I beat it I just kept tossing flame arrows and hiding and around the last bit of health I figured out I could stealth attack it and it took a lot of health… I wasn't aware of the extra damage hitting the belly haha thanks

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