Deer Hunting – Ohio Giant During Rut

During the 2015 rut, one of the Weekend Woodsmen, Phil and his Rage Hypodermic hits home, as he harvests his personal best buck! This deer hunt was one those where everything seemed to fall right into place from the hunt stand point, but was in shambles in all other aspects (gear, camera, tracking, etc.) This buck was 9 points and field dressed at 210 pounds and was an absolute HOG!

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8 thoughts on “Deer Hunting – Ohio Giant During Rut

  1. William Ball says:

    Nice job, I just came from watching a video from midwest whitetails. That guy sucks! Let me tell you what. You guys have a great attitude toward hunting. You waited for a ethical shot and made it. This loser from Midwest Whitetails couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a bow fiddle. He whiffs on a 25 yard shot, then shoots again at 45 yards and runs an arrow through the guts of this big buck and never recovers it. And this loser at MWW has 7.5k subscribers….. I don't get it. I chewed him out for being a hacker and told him I'd never sub to his channel……. You guys are my kind of hunters, real, excited and good shots. Thanks and I subed.

  2. Yankee says:

    Yes! I'm just 24 hours away from trying to outdo my first buck last year which was a nice 6 pointer.

    Thanks a lot guys! Now I'm not going to be able to sleep a wink until I hit the woods in West Virginia!


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