15 thoughts on “Archery Elk Hunting Utah – Utah Elk Hunt

  1. Shedcrazy says:

    Really enjoyed this. My buddy with the same name passed away a while back. He was killed on the boulder mountain in a lightning storm. Maybe the same guy?


    +Dustin Hawkes Ha Ha, your style of hunting is far from pathetic! Solo hunts in the mountains are the real deal brother. Archery is dang fun, it's one of those sports that once you get into it, you wonder why it took you so long to do it! If you decide to get into it, and have questions about what gear you need etc… I used to work at an archery shop and could offer some advice. Just shoot me a message.

  3. Defined Horizons says:

    I need to learn to bow hunt. I solo rifle hunt for deer, but that sounds pathetic compared to this. I'll be hitting the cache unit again this year. If you ever feel like you want to show someone the ropes on elk hunting, I'd like to learn.

  4. ReelsNRifles says:

    Nice editing, this is a sweet hunt. I love solo public land hunts, glad to see another solo hunter out there! I'll be filming and posting my hunts here in Mississippi on public and then some hunts in Nevada later this year!

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