44 thoughts on “Rifle Buck Season Deer Hunting 2012 – John #1

  1. Richard Head says:

    Question for ya, towards the end you say it was a legal buck. Where I am at anything that is over 3 inches is considered a legal buck. Are the regulations different in your part as to what qualifies a legal buck?

  2. Greg Kerr says:

    Looks like the buck to doe ratio is way out of balance where you are. I just can't believe how many deer you guys see! It was like a tractor trailer was uphill releasing them! I've gone hunting the whole three month season here in Georgia and not see as many as you did that 1st day!

  3. PAoutdoorhunters says:

    I hunt 5c too, it's funny because part of the property I hunt is also in in 4c, they give out so many tags because there are a lot of crops in our wmu, the deer population where I hunt in 5c and 4c is very high epically doe but the ratio is still pretty good I would say 6:1 doe to buck

  4. Ralph ditore says:

    the worst year you've ever seen?? It's been slim pickins up Potter, since ought 8 but at least you all get deer activity and see alot of deer AND John, you got a wet willie from Danielle…. HAHAHAHAHA LOL

  5. Ralph ditore says:

    that hunt with your girlfriend looked romantic…LOL I wish my wife would hunt with me…. instead I just sit all by myself in a blind.. up in Potter county… between west bingam and genesee Sob Sob… LOL

  6. Ian James Batkin says:

    why oh why do Americans have a fascination with only shooting bucks? If you are looking at population control, you shoot more does. If you are after putting meat on the table, it doesn't matter what the sex is.

  7. June Lewis says:

    Really! I use them all. But I got a nice buck during muzzleloading season here in Southwestern, Virginia. I used a ladder stand! Use anything that will get you above ground where that gives you a good advantage of spotting deer. Wish I could have learned more from the Benoits in Vermont. Those guys are great. The Leatherwood folks are dynamite hunters. I love the fact they are young people. Kudos to their parents and grands for raising them the right way. Love your vids. Keep up the good work!

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