Pintails… Lots of Pintails | Duck Hunting 2017

This was a really fun “Solo” hunt with my boys Solo. It was such a slow morning so I picked up early and did some scouting. Hope you enjoyed.

My black lab is.. HRCH Lavender’s Red Solo Cup SH CGC he is 3 years old.

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My camera- Go Pro Hero 5 black
Iphone SE

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15 thoughts on “Pintails… Lots of Pintails | Duck Hunting 2017

  1. Rough Rock Outdoors says:

    Awesome videos, really like how you have put them together and i think its super awesome you hunt, wish i could get my wife out hunting with me. Check out my Channel and sub for sub and good luck and stay safe,, cant wait to see more videos.

  2. Diffidentone says:

    First of all be sure to stay safe wading out into the rivers on solo hunts.

    Secondly did you have all diver decoys out or were the divers coming into puddler decoys or did you have a mixed spread? I did see the diver decoys close into shore just could not tell what the further ones were through the fog.

    Thirdly, glad to see you still have your eyebrows during the after hunt roundup. Watch in 1/4 speed from 1:59 to 2:00
    I know that's the mechanics of a semi auto but seeing that in slow motion is something to behold. Do you see all those flames in real time or no?

    Last but certainly not least, it's a joy to watch your dog. Not even my dog and I was for some reason feeling pride.

  3. Virginia Outdoors Unlimited says:

    Haha, that tree on the first shot probably saved you from having to do some editing. I'm not certain but both those birds looked like Pintails. Not trying to give you a hard time, just thought it was funny. Great video, and beautiful spot!

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