☛Treasure Hunting Tip #1-How To Locate Valuables-Where To Look For Treasure

Treasure Hunting Tip #1-How To Locate Valuables-Where To Look For Treasure
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Hello everyone! Dan your urban treasure hunter here with the initial installment of my treasure hunting tips: a treasure hunting primer — How to locate valuables!

In this article I’d like to offer you a helpful tip on successful treasure hunting.

How to locate valuables; I mean, without locating treasure then there is no treasure hunting. By definition that’s what it’s all about – finding the good stuff.

When it comes to treasure hunting, there a lot of people who try to find one particular item. They are collectors, they have their niche and they search for specific things.
On the other hand when it comes to treasure hunting and how to locate valuables, to me, it’s just hunting. Getting out there looking to uncover treasure whatever that treasure might be.
So stick with me. In this article, whether you are looking for one particular type of treasure or if you are a hunter who is out there willing to locate and deal with whatever it is you come across; I have some helpful information for you on how to locate valuables.
And I also have some free information to offer you that you just might want to go and get a hold of which can help you in your quest on how to locate valuables.

So thanks for stopping by, stick with me, let’s get right to it.

Now, treasure hunting and how to locate valuables really can be anything the way that you choose to define it. To some people treasure hunting is walking the beach with a metal detector looking for gold rings or other valuable things in the sand.

For some people, treasure hunting might be going to a Civil War battle field with a shovel and a sieve looking for old buttons or Civil War artifacts.

And still to others, how to locate valuables could be stopping at roadside flea markets, tag sales and yard sales, and picking for things, valuables, which can be found at really good prices. So treasure hunting and how to locate valuables is defined in so many different ways. There really is no one solitary definition for treasure hunting. So you know, you define treasure hunting for yourself, really, that’s what it comes down to.

Now, I like to do a lot of storage auctions, I do estate liquidations and I do a certain amount of picking. For me and how to locate valuables I look for and deal with whatever kind of treasure I come across – that’s just me and that’s just the way I like to do it.

Most importantly treasure hunting should be fun. It should be congruent with your interests. For example, I just mentioned people who might go to an old Civil War battle field with a shovel and a sieve. Now you may be a Civil War buff, and if you are then that might be your preferred method of treasure hunting and how to locate valuables.

Again, since you are already a Civil War historian or Civil War buff, digging around in an old battlefield is congruent with your current interests. Right?
how to locate valuables
Some shells that you can find on the beach could be very, very valuable, if you happen to find a really nice, intricate shell in a nice condition. And I mean, if walking the beach is your thing, if that’s what you really like to do, stroll along the beach, listening to the waves with the sand between your toes, maybe treasure hunting for potentially rare and valuable shells, that’s your thing. And now that I mentioned it, who the hell wouldn’t enjoy walking along the beach in their bare feet? But anyway, I digressed.

So the tip I want to offer you in this article on how to locate valuables is treasure hunting opportunities are out there, they are almost limitless, and you will be able to find the type of treasure hunting that you are interested in that’s congruent with your — the interests that you may already have.

So the tip I want to offer you is: your form of treasure hunting is out there waiting for you to find it, and it can be something congruent with what you are already interested in. And that’s what how to locate valuables should be, it should be fun. So if you are hunting and it’s congruent with something you are already interested in, it’s a win/win. Now you have the ability to find treasure; it’s fun, and even make money on that treasure if you so choose to do it that way.
how to locate valuables

So that’s it, I’ve gone on long enough in this video. If you would like to grab some free information that can help you get started as a treasure hunter, all you need to do is click on the link down below this video, I’ll also give you a slide at the end of this video with a link where you can go and get some free information I’ve put together.

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