Pheasant Hunting With Dogs – Tips for Beginners Part 3

If you have not hunted along side a dog, you have got to try it! Watching the dogs hunt and work hard each time they go out is so very enjoyable. Many game farms have dogs available or you could hope to find a friend with a dog. Be sure to visit our website for all of our educational content including links to our videos, social media, recipes and gear lists at

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Be sure to get your kids involved in the outdoors, teach them ethics and safety and always… #keepitreal

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8 thoughts on “Pheasant Hunting With Dogs – Tips for Beginners Part 3

  1. T Ritchie says:

    I used to Rabbit hunt when I was a teenager and I'm hoping to get back into hunting. I'm currently trying to research bird hunting with dogs cause I think I'd like to try it. On a side note back when I was Rabbit hunting I don't remember ever getting anything without a dog.So for me having the help of a dog when small game hunting seems necessary.I don't know if this matters or not but I live in the USA. The part I'm is the beginning of the South.So I'm also trying to get ideals for the breed of dog and everything else that's suited for my area.

  2. Tyler Nelson says:

    Great video and insight! My 3 month old black lab, Hank, is enjoying our training sessions. I do have a question for you. What is your stance and anyone else you know stance on nuedering a lab? Im getting mixed thoughts from everyone i talk to. If you could point out some key positives and negatives from either side it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

  3. Frank Vitelli says:

    Hi Thank you for the review and tips. were you on a game farm preserve hunting ? is it in the London Ontario area . I'm from Toronto and don't mind traveling can you recommend area's where i can do some pheasant hunting I recently got back into hunting after a 20 year absence and starting all over again .Basicly I'm a solo hunter……cheers BTW i have no companion dog…..cheers

  4. The Killer 686 says:

    Too much talking dude.
    Is this video about shooting or about the dogs?
    Keep it simple and focus on the dogs point with the cam and keep dropping birds down .
    You got a lovely dogs that's for sure.

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