A Mountain Lion STALKED Us While Elk Hunting | Life on the Road VLOG 21

My worst nightmare came true. While on the way down the mountain after elk hunting, what appeared to be a mountain lion with cubs “stalked” us. I was completely freaked out, thank goodness Nick was carrying a side arm.

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28 thoughts on “A Mountain Lion STALKED Us While Elk Hunting | Life on the Road VLOG 21

  1. glenn smith says:

    would love to know what draw weight you have on your bow and well as draw length. and weight of arrow.. looks like a good set up from what I can see. would love to know the specs thanks

  2. Middle Outdoorsman says:

    As a solo hunter, cat's worry me far more then bears. (excepting a sow with cubs) Your more likely to spot a bear, but a cat, not so much. Being out in gray light, and spotting a fresh cat track at your feet, will definitely put your head on a swivel. At least it does me, I find it downright unnerving.

    As forest fires go, i looked up two of the three headlines you cited:



    Sounds like to me, causing fires is a situational thing. Avoid using steel ammo, or steel cored ammo, and don't shoot into hard surfaces like rocks. I think usually the big culprit is bulk surplus ammo people like use for target practice. Personally I load up with hardcast lead for greater penetration. Odds of causing a fire are fairly low so long as you don't go shooting rocks. Though I don't know anything about these extreme perpetrator rounds that are on the market today. I think their solid copper or something? Not sure how copper pans out as fire causation goes.

  3. Chilcote Forestry says:

    Yeah, who wants to watch guys in great hunting areas we can't go to kill giant elk every day. Rather watch the real deal. At least you weren't by yourself in the dark looking at a lion creepin around. That would give me the willies. Not to worry, if she was going to kill you, you wouldn't have seen it first! ; )

  4. Kurt Holtzen says:

    Looks like the Warm springs area….wise man once said there ain't nothing out there in the dark that ain't there during the day…. pretty lucky to get to see a cat.

  5. TPHVICTIMS says:

    GITD nalgene.
    After careful viewing, I’m sure the eye glow was a massive herd of reptilians.
    Also, I’ve used duck calls for elk in the past. When you blow the duck call the elk come out to feed the ducks, then you let them have it.

  6. Kevin Johnson says:

    Very creepy! A buddy and I once where tracking a mountain lion we thought, we got twisted around for awhile and circled back on our own tracks to find the mountain lion tracks in our tracks. Never did see the cat, but it sure taught us a lesson. Smart move not just running out. Always keep your eyes on them and make a lot of noise. Be safe

  7. curt butterfield says:

    Sounds like my cousin sasquach…lol . I imagine it was a bit unsettling with the lion so close. Dnr confirmed that we have lions here now that they have a road killed one in possession. .. As always great job guys…God bless you. …curt

  8. Christopher Cooper says:

    Well all I’m going to say is that I had a mountain lion about 40 yards away from my camp site a few weeks ago at Lake Heron where I was trout fishing. It left behind several paw prints and a tail whatever he was eating.

  9. nick wolf says:

    Just got back from SD last week and had a mt lion come in above me on a 150ft cliff within 3 mins of me shooting a muley, and I owe my hunting buddy a huge thanks for his eyes across the canyon and giving hand signals from which I saw through bino.. wish I could post a pic or video I got of it pretty awesome but scary 🙂 my hand cannon was on him the whole time until I reached a safe distance out.. great calling I'd say I did get alittle chuckle when u laughed mid-call lol and good thinking nick it's crazy dry out there, glad u both are safe- happy hunting and hope u get a nice elk

  10. Muddyh2o2 Init says:

    Ignorance is bliss, she can cover that gap faster than your ass can pucker! Haven’t you heard of stalking distance? Damn for back east country folk you don’t have any dirt in ya! Remember the old saying “ you get what you get “ nothing more nothing less.

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