Texas Deer Hunting With Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Here’s a look back at a classic Realtree Road Trips episode where Michael Waddell was joined in Texas by country music recording artists Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. The couple got their whitetails, but Blake had to take out a 4-legged, deer hunt, intruder first!

Please watch: “203” Colorado Whitetail with HUGE Mass | Vicki Cianciarulo”


30 thoughts on “Texas Deer Hunting With Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

  1. Eva Wagner says:

    Killing animals for sport huge turn off for me ,as vegan my self don't understand Gwen how can stand to just be next to person who cost so much cruelty to animals .
    I loved him before I saw his hunting pictures and that done for me .no education , no dick tiny man, insecure syndrome
    Huge turn of , to me man is Man go hunt with camera , stand up to wolf, bear etc with camera .
    Cowards use guns.

  2. Matt Cash says:

    This is fucked up big time!!
    Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are like mass murderers and so are you all for agreeing with this sickening 'Sport'
    And when he shot that hog I almost cried tears of sadness.
    A beautiful creature killed for nothing.
    Shame on you humanity.
    Shame on you hunters. I hate you all and I hope you all burn in hell!!!

  3. Hill Shepherd says:

    He got him, BUT he missed again, like he did on his bow hunt. LUCKED OUT &Spine shot em' !!!
    2" higher, & he would have missed. Good thing you don't hunt "small" game Blake.

  4. T1Brit says:

    I do NOT approve of hunting with bows. It's unnecessarily cruel. What is the fucking justification for it. How many times does the animal escape and die slowly and in agony.

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