Secrets for Hunting Big Bucks During the Whitetail Rut When it comes to hunting mature bucks during the rut, you have to try to understand what he’s after and where he will be. Obviously the big bucks, and even smaller ones, are seeking and chasing does in estrous to find one or more to breed with during this exciting time of the season. But why are they in specific areas and what’s the difference between the biggest mature bucks and younger ones trying to sow their oats? Steve Bartylla provides his insights on this fascinating autumn ritual in this latest episode of Hunt ’em Big.
Hunt ’em Big, Season 3, Episode 4.

4 thoughts on “Secrets for Hunting Big Bucks During the Whitetail Rut

  1. Scotty Sloyer says:

    Hi Steve, I just want to say thanks for making these videos they help me out a lot . I've never been a rack hunter but this year I'm going to try it. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Safe Hunting!

  2. Chad Houser says:

    This guy lost me when he said that Bucks rub trees to 'get a workout and build neck muscle'… really?? A wild animal works out specific muscles on purpose to prepare for fighting ?? C'mon man. BS

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