38 thoughts on “DEER HUNTING: Winter Bow Deer Hunt

  1. capo lalala says:

    hi..im not a bow master like you @TheFieldArcher (but wow!) or bow hunting guy..just using bow recurve and compound bow in sport field…i would like to ask and hope my question answered:

    1) why do you prefer bow (now mentioning the crossbow) to hunting? not using gun like sniper weapon in most hunting game? in my place, most hunter use gun for "1 shot one kill" ..well it's better isn't?

    2) most environment on your video, how you manage studying the target and the wind that quite blow by using bow? are you just trusting your aiming and using some instinct? 

    3) how much average time you wait for your prey? 

    4) does all the prey only get one shot and take some time to die? i found another video where a man hunt a cow shape (i don't know the name of the animal) where he give numerous shot almost 6..or because it's big it's take a very long time to die?

    5) what your courage to kill animal in your first time by a bow? like a threat after the shot? example, my farm invaded by a stray dog and my shot misleading..the the dog attack me by a pack (yes, this is my troublesome i must compete now) ?

    6) you know what, i'm your new subscriber! yeah!!


  2. SwedenAirhead says:

    Nice shooting!
    I have gone thouhg a few of your videos and the arrow finds its spot by a an inch every time.
    I guess there arent to many whole hearts after the gutting of your deers 🙂

  3. Zack Hamby says:

    i agree i know exactly how my meat was handled packaged and taken care of. and in my opinion wild game just has a flavor that livestock can't compare too. Great videos, i cannot wait for opening day!

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