1000 Yards – .308 Win Hunting Rifle – Elk Sniper

Do yourself a favor and watch in HD!
Testing out the new mods to my hunting rifle…new stock, scope, bottom metal (detachable magazine)…conclusion I think I like them.

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43 thoughts on “1000 Yards – .308 Win Hunting Rifle – Elk Sniper

  1. Stefano Marletta says:

    sorry for my inexperience, but, can a 308 kill an animal like an elk at around 1100 yards? I understand it's unethical, and i'll never try that, but just for the sake of curiosity, thank you!

  2. Redneck Boyz says:

    I hate when you fucking faggets out there is call yourself a sniper even on the video games you douchebags call you guys ya sniper you are not no fucking sniper you dumb jackass unless you serve in a war and you actually hit people over 1000 or 2000 yards doing action you can't say you a fucking sniper because you shooting when it's quiet nobody shooting back is nothing going on because you hit a thousand yards that don't need shit hell I hit a thousand yards he'll I know plenty guys hit a thousand years but they don't mean shit you just a stupid ass dumb idiot Hunter this will piss me off with you dump jackasses this is how you sound almost sniper because I shoot a deer a thousand yards is the deer shooting back at you is shit moving around no you got bullets coming back at you know you ain't no fucking sniper shut the fuck up you dumbass hole you know guys like you I end up hacking their whole fucking life guys like you I make them turn poor that's like you I have two bank accounts credit cards they life everything from the nine yards I hacked the whole entire system of life keep putting up stupid videos like this not hack you where you only can afford a cardboard box to live in

  3. Claude Baron says:

    Very impressive but you should have put another camera closer to the target where we can see the bullet hit the target I know you hit it but on the video the only thing we see is a small target and a puff of smokes. Or at the end show the target with all the hits and you can describe has this was the first hit and that’s the seconds one , and bla bla bla , it’s already very well done but if you did that it would be event better πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. DONALD BOUGIE says:

    I have a 308win,savage 10fcp-k,with a scope nightforce 5-20×56 mm shv,at 100 yards with my loads the grouping is .325 in to .510 in,i,m very happy,it,s a good rifle and a scope too.

  5. Michael Rafati says:

    Yesterday I went out to get me the RPR in 308.
    I really didn't care for the feel of the bolt.
    TO ME, the bolt was tight and sticky.

    My old mauser's action was way yyyyy more smooth .

    My tough was the price for the gun was reasonable But, to tell you the truth gun seemed not all that.

    As usual of things are nowadays a millennial was working and totally cluless.

    Frustrated I left

  6. T Goodman says:

    Did I miss it…or did he NOT SAY WEAPON, CALABER, AMMO MANUFACTURE. Seems like we are suppose to guess…3006, 223, 22….winchester, MOSSBERG….did I miss it? …

  7. Miner Blue says:

    A sporting hunter wouldn't shoot any medium or large game at ranges better than 400 yds. And 400 yds is pushing the envelope.
    Thats a hail-mary shot that shouldn't even be considered.

  8. ANTDZL VIZION says:

    I'm an novice to shooting anything but air and soda cans….how do u know the yardage of the steel u set up….i wanna sight in my ar15 and my 308 and don't know how to gauge the distances

  9. Richard Farmer says:

    I like the 6.5 creedmoor personally and I would shoot an elk at 1200 if it was still and there was no wind but a 308 poops out way worse then a creedmoor so I wouldn't shoot an elk past 600

  10. Jon R says:

    I love 308 for hunting, I shoot a Savage doe :). A lot of my friends knock it saying it's not powerful enough but I shut them up when I took a big ol buck at just under 600yards. They think that since it has lower recoil that it not powerful enough so they shoot 30-06 and one even shoots a 300 win mag for deer lol. I could see 300 win mag for larger game like moose or big bears but for deer? Anyway, they are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge that with modern propellants the 30-06 can only achieve like 150fps more velocity max, but compared to 308 the 30-06 recoil is much worse. 308 ammo is also cheaper, it's slightly more accurate, and the action is shorter too which means a lighter rifle. I'm done arguing with them lol

  11. Q James says:

    Like other have said, I think something a bit more powerful would be needed to ensure a clean kill on elk at 1000yds. If using a 308 cal., the max I would shoot an elk is 400 yds.

  12. Amin Momtaheni says:

    what make is your rifle? i wanted to buy a very good 308 and i was thinking of getting sako. but it has problem ejecting casing right into scope according to reviews? whats the best 308 rifles?!

  13. isellcatlitter says:

    thats a really great humane shot on steel…. not so much on a game animal…. you can get really close to elk….like 25 yards…many bow hunters get them under 15 yards.

  14. notsosilentmajority1 says:

    Hey bro, great video. Informative without being boring. Very enjoyable. I think the .308 is going to be the go to round depending what happens with the election. I know things can go either way and the .30-06 is a fantastic round as well. The thing is that there is just so much .308 ammo out there and rounds out there to reload at an effective cost. If people are not already reloading, they need to start now. Thanks again for a great video. Be safe, shoot straight and God bless.

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