EmmaLee Went Elk Hunting at Terraqua Ranch

EmmaLee and I had the opportunity to whitetail hunt free range Texas whitetails with Terraqua Ranch. While we were staying at the ranch they also asked us if EmmaLee would be interested in hunting a management elk that they wanted to remove from their herd.

Terraqua Ranch contact information:
Zach Thiele (254) 978-1679

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30 thoughts on “EmmaLee Went Elk Hunting at Terraqua Ranch

  1. Life On Beagle Road says:

    Great stuff!! Just came across your channel from watching Lumnah Acres. Looks like you folks have a ton of fun. Looking forward to more of your videos! We are all subbed up -Kenny and Courtney Archer

  2. Keeping It Dutch says:

    That was Awesome she got a chance to kill an elk, maybe they will invite you guys back next season so she can get that ugly stick elk. Oh and those blind lodges are nicer then my house lol

  3. Brad Vaughan says:

    Happy New Year. I’m sorry to hear that she didn’t get a deer or elk but what a awesome experience and beautiful scenery. You also got to make some great memories with your daughter.

  4. Sonya Gregory says:

    Beautiful lodge!  I know you all enjoyed yourselves.  Nice dear and elk too!  Stay warm, and I will try to do the same!  It is going to be 13 degrees tonight in the foothills of NC.  Happy New Year!  Journey On!

  5. tracey wye says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR: seems like a nice place, thank you also for pointing out that hunting can be part of a wildlife management program, as the Elk hunt was necessary and the meat could be used to in the UK people are either for or against hunting and it is never that simple when it comes to herd management,

  6. singleman says:

    That's why it's called, "hunting or fishing", instead of killing or catching. Well Done Daniel. One on one time with a child is what the hunt is all about.

  7. Tracy Winfield says:

    I used to go huh hunting with my dad in the 70's and they're the greatest memories I have….
    Love your videos, I love that you give your kids basics on taking care of themselves….
    I grew up in the California mountains my dad owned a resort in the 70's… we had a trout pond and we had to clean fish at 10 cents a piece to make money…. we also raised chickens, calves, and pigs to butcher for events…. best food I've ever ate…
    What is the title of the music you use at 27 seconds into your video, I really enjoy it…

  8. Granny Grunt says:

    Happy New Year from the other side of Oklahoma. Sorry things didn't go according to plan. The shots [video] of the deer & elk were nice. The memories will be great anyway. God bless.

  9. steakandeggs Cynthia R. says:

    Happy New Year. Glad you guys enjoyed yourself. My Okie husband has lived in Tx 45 years whats to know why you Okie's don't shoot your own deer and leave the Tx. deer to the Tx. deer hunter. Of course he was grinning at the time and he does not even hunt. Sure was looking forward to you guys getting a deer.

  10. Judy s says:

    Loved the video, enjoyed father and daughter spending time together not a lot of 9 yrs old like to go hunting. I've know a few tho. Don't pay no attention to some that said that wasn't real hunting. Their all different ways in doing the sport . You guys was having fun .tell her I'm pulling for her next time. That was a beautiful ranch their you was at. Happy New Year!! To you all. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Backwoods Raised says:

    Hey Happy New Year. It would have been great to get some meat on the ground but that time you got to spend with your daughter can never be replaced. I loved every second of hunting with my grandpa and I know hes with me every time I go hunting. Man that buck at the end where the elk was, was huge that was some good control not taking him out hahaha. Thanks for sharing with us. I'll see you in the next video. Your pal, Spicy.

  12. Athea Nicholls says:

    hi good morning Emmalee and Daniel, Happy New Year great to start the New Year with a video from you all, hi Mom Weston and the adorable Huston Happy New Year, love always beautiful family till the next Video God bless bye Huston. 🏡⛅☁️🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕.

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