Duck Hunt 2018: You won't believe what Izzy's been doing!

This duck hunt took place during the 2017 – 2018 duck hunting season. In this video fumblers, Corn, Golden Boy, and Elliott hunt two different waterfowl locations. The first duck hunt takes place on an open lake while the evening hunt is located on a duck marsh.

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25 thoughts on “Duck Hunt 2018: You won't believe what Izzy's been doing!

  1. Phillip Lyons says:

    I hunt in the same Woolrich checkered wool shirt as y'all. My dad got it when he was 14 in 1971, hunted in it for years, and passed it on to me. It may not be stylish but it's still warm!

  2. Fowl Chasers says:

    Nice job have you or anybody you hunt with ever tried a stoger M3000 or M3500 I would recommend it in compact for younger hunter in 20 or 12ga. Could you do a review on your 2017 2018 duck hunting gear?

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