Airgun Deer Hunting with a Big Bore Air Rifle : American Airgunner TV

Can you airgun hunt American whitetail deer with a big bore air rifle that shoots big chunks of lead? Join Jim Chapman for this segment of American American TV as he hunts for his chance at a whitetail with a .40 caliber air powered rifle. Jim talks about the gun, the ammunition, and the beautiful hunting grounds within the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Jim also discusses with his friend, Nathan Wenger, about the deer and their efforts to manage the herd for the health of the game and population.

Get the .40 caliber Badger gun Jim was hunting with here:

Find air gun bullets for deer hunting at:

This is a segment from episode three of the 2016 season of American American
Airgunner TV. See content first on Pursuit Channel!

Nathan does not run a commercial hunting operation, and deer hunting on the farm is restricted to his family and a (very) few close friends. There is public land and national forest in the region where hunting is allowed.

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47 thoughts on “Airgun Deer Hunting with a Big Bore Air Rifle : American Airgunner TV

  1. Brian M says:

    heres something I need to ask. You already SHOT her, they heard it and ran. WHY THE HELL are you still whispering? Like thats going to make any difference now.. lol

  2. chrisjensen918 says:

    Not an ethical shot.. The dumbass should have waited till he didn't have deer behind his target.. Hard to do with tame deer that see his dumb ass shining while he shoves the gun out the window tho.. Doofus.. What not to do..

  3. ParadigmUnkn0wn says:

    250 yards you say? That barely even needs a holdover with a 308, and even beyond accuracy an airgun just can't reach out that far and still have enough energy for an ethical kill. Unless they made airguns legal during something like blackpowder season, which is probably the best comparison in range and power, I don't see the appeal beyond the novelty.

  4. gblan says:

    I love all these people that claim to be all sensitive about whether or not an animal "suffers"….as they're killing it. What a pile of crap.

  5. Optical Clarity says:

    ciro It is a good thing the US isn't the UK where you gave up your rights thanks to unscientific microcephalics like you! ciro Bows aren't underpowered, your brain is. And speaking of stupid, I just gave you a link to a comprehensive list… not my fault you are too retarded to read. Oh and the most powerful production air rifle is ove 700 foot pounds… and 200 foot pounds is more than enough for a pass through and clean kill… more than any bow by an order of magnitude… But hey keep advertising your stupidity.

  6. Neal Tressler says:

    Wow….it obviously shows a lack of experience from some of these comments….if an animal runs,it's not a clean kill? Really? Spend time in a black bear camp….they almost always run,because,like many animals,they are not as effected by hydrostatic shock. The last time I went,out of 14 bears,only 3 dropped instantly…..all bigger rifles(.308 the smallest ) and one hand gun. Of the 3, one was an accidental brain shot(.308),one was shot through the chest twice with a 45 colt ,and one had both shoulders smashed (.35 Whelen)….So, by your definition,a 45/70, 7mm mag, .300 H&H mag or a 30/06 must all be underpowered for black bears,because they ran a bit….hmmm….guess I should look into that 50 BMG if I ever want to hunt elk….Oh,and by the way, the 45 Colt that I used only pushed 900 ft lbs of energy,and penetrated almost 30 inches length-wise…

  7. Garrett Smith says:

    They need to make a full auto version. It would be legal since this isn't legally a firearm, and it would be practical since it's an air rifle and would have no recoil.

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