Waterfowl Hunting: Waterfowl Evolution Working with Hunting Dogs Episode 7 Full

This week on Waterfowl Evolution, Austin Lindsey shares his thoughts on dog training. Diesel, Austin’s prized young lab is everything a waterfowl hunter could dream of but there is always room for improvement. Every year, Austin and Diesel visit NAHRA (North American Hunting Retriever Association) to work on their training together and sharpen not only Diesel’s skill as a retriever but Austin’s skills as well. Follow along on this adventure with Austin, Diesel and NAHRA and hopefully pick up a few new techniques. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

These guys have been hunting together for several years, they continue to grow their knowledge of waterfowl and learn from one another and several others as well. Their passion for the sport keeps them coming back each year, and in between seasons, they still spend time harnessing their skills which makes each of them quite unique in a field or in a blind.

Join us in the evolution of waterfowl hunting. We are Waterfowl Evolution, a group of educated, ethical hunters dedicated to the future of waterfowl hunting. It is our goal to share with the viewer that true multi-generational passion that drives this sport. With a focus on history, education, land use/conservation, proper gear/product reviews, dog training, and of course, epic hunts, our team lives life to the fullest sharing their adventures with friends, family, and the viewers at home. Waterfowl Evolution makes every day an adventure. Enjoy the Evolution!

18 thoughts on “Waterfowl Hunting: Waterfowl Evolution Working with Hunting Dogs Episode 7 Full

  1. Niko Retes says:

    Awesome video! Ive got a yellow lab thats almost a year and I took her out for her first hunt at 3 months and she was out grabbing wigeon that day. Gotta love labs! Keep up the good work and good luck hunting this year. Its should be a good year in the PNW!

  2. Hilleary Brown says:

    Ohh man I loved this video! I had tears in my eyes, I have had Lab's for the past 45 years, They are (arguably) the most loyal,loving dog, Now my Yellow Lab is 14 years old blind,and am having to give him insulin twice a day, But when I work the action on my humpback he suddenly is a young dog, ready to hunt.
    I comment this here as I feel most all of the guys that watch this video will relate,
    Have fun!

  3. Jaatinen1982 says:

    You are telling how easy lab is to train and how great it's to learn so why do you use e-collar? I have field trial lab for hunting and I don't need that kind of collars because it is true that lab's are easy to train, quick to learn and want to please you.

  4. 21elkaholic says:

    great video. I got a brown lab named Duke mellow as all can be! great hunting dog! my yellow female Abbey she's a great dog great around family just over excited to no end when we go out!

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