Deer Hunting With The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow – The Management Advantage #83

This week, we’re following Chuck as he shoots and hunts with the new Pioneer Airbow from Crosman. It’s a new weapon for hunters that utilizes full length arrows and normal broadheads driven by air from an easy to cock, easy to shoot platform.

The Airbow is built on the 357 Bulldog platform, but the shroud has been replaced by a long cylinder for the air to pass through. Unlike a crossbow or standard bow where the force is transferred to the arrow or bolt in the rear through the nock, the Airbow has it’s force delivered to the tip of the arrow. Rather than pushing the arrow from the rear, it’s pulled from the front. This greatly increases accuracy which makes it easy for all ages to shoot and increases it’s effective range. The Airbow is easy to fill from a compressed air tank or hand pump and in most instances, a hunter can get 8-12 shots out of a fill before noticing a decrease in accuracy.

After spending some time on the range, it was time to hit the family farm with Chuck and Willy to see if they could make it happen for the 39th year in a row. It didn’t take long and a mature doe was in range of the Redneck and Chuck had his first deer with the Airbow!

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41 thoughts on “Deer Hunting With The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow – The Management Advantage #83

  1. Kyrik Kyrik says:

    You can build your own for much cheaper with more power and can also use just regular crossbow bolts by removing the knocks like i did. Im shooting each arrow at 3000 psi per shot but am also able to shoot at 4500 psi per shot when i want.

  2. Greg Miller says:

    Mabye I'm old fashion and I've never hunted out of a blind but damm it just seems a little unfair. I love hunting as well but that's a cross between Monday night football and a trip to the grocery store. No offense boys just a little blown away. Do y'all bait em too?

  3. Justin Stouder says:

    Either you want the challenge of shooting a bow, or you dont. You turds out here trying to walk the fence like drag queens are embarrassing….hope they sell tampons with those…

  4. feellnfroggy says:

    Crossbow, Air bow, Bow and arrow, the rules don't cover what shoots the arrow, but that the animal is hit with an arrow. Unless there is some legislation proving otherwise. but arrow, vs, powder pushed bullet, vs air pushed bullet, is what laws mainly regulate. Even the center fire law regards the ammunition, not the rifle.

  5. POLAR BEAR says:

    There was a simple man he had a simple talk he lived a simple life thank god he had a dad who could take care of him and he had a dad who could take care of him.

  6. POLAR BEAR says:

    The reason I talk so slow is because my dad did and his dad did and his dad did and his dad did. Down here where we from we really don't ever do anything on our own we just live die repeat live die repeat live die repeat.

  7. DavM says:

    I slowed the video down at the shot, and holy crap that thing goes fast. The arrow was at the deer only a split second after firing and it went clear through the darn thing.

  8. since1876 says:

    Why is it that hillbilly christians all seem to need to go shoot animals? Use a fucking gun if you HAVE to do this, don't take the chance of it not killing the animal.

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