31 thoughts on “Best Spring Air Rifle in the world?

  1. G-user A. says:

    These are by far the prettiest. However power and accuracy goes I'd have to give to Weihrauch_HW95-R9 a simple 89$tune kit makes it an extreme joy to shoot and the perfect amount of power.

  2. joe kelly says:

    ha ha sorry pal that rifle is made of parts from 4 countries .. and it doesnt say weihrauch 97k on it , you can polish a turd m8 but itl always just be a turd !

  3. BNR140 says:

    Target shooting yes, there great !! But hunting no , bit to heavy to carry around for few hour shoot. My easy all day hunter, I usually reach for the hw95ks comes with silencer too.

  4. Mark Thomas says:

    Nope, not even close to the best. Air Arms make their under levers with a "handed" loading port which means you have to buy a specific left handed model if you are a southpaw. And guess what, they don't even offer the Prosport in left hand. Weirauch on the other hand, have an ambidextrous loading port and their stocks, although biased towards right-handers, are leftie friendly. To be best in the World, you need to cater for ALL potential customers.

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