Arizona Elk Hunting with Randy Newberg – Big Kaibab Bulls (FT S1 E8)

Hunting elk with Randy Newberg in northern Arizona. Episode 8 from Season 1 of Fresh Tracks shows how Randy and Lee Havemeier hunt the canyons of northern Arizona. Lee takes his first bull and it’s a good one.

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25 thoughts on “Arizona Elk Hunting with Randy Newberg – Big Kaibab Bulls (FT S1 E8)

  1. R R1234 says:

    Love the video. I am a new hunter who has just started to get into hunting. Watching your solo hunting show and your fresh tracks show is what made me want to get into hunting so thanks. I have been researching and am scheduled to get a 308 Weatherby mark v using the nosler 165 g bullets but have not decided on the scope I am torn by the vortex hd and the leupold. What’s your opinion on the matter. All info is most helpful. Ps wish you would sent out a video or robo text saying when you live streams are so we can ask questions

  2. Joe Payne says:

    I hunt Colorado. I put in for the nonresident draw every year. Years I don't draw I do OTC elk hunts. How does someone go about applying for tags in say AZ, NM, or MT? Can I do the same OTC hunt that I do in CO?

  3. alberto berrum says:

    Watching this episode sure has me feeling home sick , I'm from Show Low, AZ. Just north east from the rim , I have not gone home in 10 years, that all ends this year will be flying back to take a cow elk , hope all goes well…, thank you for your knolege and for sharing all your experience with all of us and keeping us on our toes. Keep doing it !!!

  4. Samson Dean Loggerblood says:

    I've never been hunting in Arizona! I've always thought it would be too hot down there but that looks like some awesome elk hunting!! Great job Randy!! Great video! You're a nice guy just like me, It was cool that you were happy about those other guys who shot the bulls, that you were chasing!! Great sportsmanship!! To bad more outdoorsman are not a lot friendlier like you!! I was born in Whitefish & raised in Eureka Montana than Trego, Kalispell, Missoula, a Libby & than Plains & Thompson Falls most of the time & still have a place in Libby. I have helicopter logged all over Montana, as well as the rest of the northwest but There's no other place like quite like Montana & nothing like the clean smell of Montana!!

  5. Robert Martinez says:

    Randy your show is by far tops above any other show out there.   You have inspired myself and my newphew to go into places that we never thought we get by foot by watching your show you have inspired us both to get to the places where the other 90% of hunters don't go.

  6. Ron Lanzo says:

    Great show and terrific bull for Lee! We drove right through Kaibab NF on our way to Sedona from the Grand Canyon and the sign on the highway that read Elk Crossing next 55 mikes I will not soon forget!

  7. Larry Guenther says:

    Randy – love the podcast and the videos. Heard of you from an avid hunter friend and you are talking about exactly what I'm doing. I got my first Colorado Elk tag last year and got another this year, both cow tags. I didn't get (or even see) an elk last year (GMU 82, 3rd rifle), but I had a great time and learned a lot. And I've learned a lot since listening and watching your stuff since that hunt. This year I pulled a GMU 11 cow tag in the first rifle season and I hope to do better. But man – everyone focuses on Bulls. I get it, they've got antlers. But I'm not in it for the trophy, I'm in it for the hunt, the experience, and the meat. So can I ask that you – just once – dedicate a podcast to the hunting specifics for cows? I know, no one's ever satisfied. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  8. Bryan Robinson says:

    Randy, your show is so awesome to watch! I love the highs and lows that so often happen on public land hunts. The truth that you tell and film is truly special. Keep it up!

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