Monster Hunter World | Bow Tutorial

The complete Bow tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place!
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28 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World | Bow Tutorial

  1. Ishi 123 says:

    Dragon Piercer also causes continuous damage through a monster's entire body. I always line myself up with their whole length and watch all the pretty hitsparks.

  2. 1rotzy says:

    I’m just starting the monster Hunter games today, and I’m just trying different weapons, and for me the bow just feels so easy. It’s simpler than melee weapons but has that potential power to it with the ailments and the range makes it a safer option.

    Thanks for the video, the moves will no doubt help this noob become a Monster Hunting Badass.


    Started playing this game today and picked bow as my starting weapon. Hopefully this helps actually killing the monsters (been struggling to kill monsters b4 they run off and disappear). Spent about 30mins fighting the trex only for him to leg it and disappear into the ground.

    How do I strengthen my character aswell? I literally get 2 hit by everything.

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