Elite Dangerous Beginner Tutorial – Bounty Hunting Crash Course

Crash Course Bounty Hunting for the new Commander. This video covers everything from undocking your ship, finding a pirate, and cashing in your hard earned bounties.

0:19 Ship Selection
0:57 UI Familiarization (skip this if you already know how to navigate the ship’s menus)
1:54 Pre-flight checks (Make sure you have weapons and enough power to run them!!!)
4:30 Undocking
5:17 Entering Supercruise to find our first Pirate
5:46 Different modes of travel around Elite: Dangerous (Normal/Supercruise/Hyperjump)
6:31 How to find a place to bounty hunt
7:54 Hunting and killing pirates
9:25 Return to port
10:27 How to dock and turn in our bounties
12:48 Ending

Thanks to www.elite-dangerous-blog.co.uk for their ship blueprints. Thank you to Shostakovich and Leopold Stokowski leading the Philadelphia Orchestra for my opening music. Thank you for Frontier Development for making Elite: Dangerous and to the great community that surrounds this game.

4 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous Beginner Tutorial – Bounty Hunting Crash Course

  1. Michael Marchese says:

    I noticed after coming back after almost a year, that when I look and find a wanted ship I used to look to my right panel and I could see the ships factions allegiance. For may be nothing more than roleplaying purposes, I never attacked federation aligned ships because I wanted my rep to be as high as possible. But now I can't find out how to quickly view affections allegiance anymore. Can someone help me with this?

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