Rifle Test & Review: Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Speed

Discover why the Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed walked away with the Editor’s Choice award in ScoutLook’s 2016 Ultimate Deer Rifle Field Test.

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36 thoughts on “Rifle Test & Review: Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Speed

  1. dave brown says:

    Hornady Precision Hunter 178GR ELD-X in 30-06. Consistently shooting around 15mm at 100 yards. Best was 11mm!

    I have replicated the load with AR2208 if anyone wants the data ……

  2. Brandon Talley says:

    Maybe someone can answer this question for me!! I recently bought a new hells canyon 30-06. The store I bought it from said I would have to have a special type of 30-06 ammo. Does x bolt require a specific bullet?

  3. Cody Oslin says:

    I bought one at Cabelas last winter in .243 win. I put on a Burris Fullfield II 4.5 -14×42 and the thing is amazing. It will consistently shoot half inch groups. And that's using Remington Core Lokt 100 grain ammo. I have a stainless stalker also in .243 win with the same scope and ammo and that also shoots the same. The reason I bought the Hells Canyon in .243 win is simply because I like that caliber. Its claim to fame is being a dual purpose round which I love for hunting coyotes in the winter and deer in the fall. The recoil is basically nothing with the muzzle break and it looks cool as heck. I can't wait til the new X-Bolt Predator Stalker comes out. I'll be buying one of them next. To anyone who is looking for a new rifle I highly recommend this one.

  4. Eric B. says:

    Good video on the Hell's Canyon features. Excellent production quality. 

    I have the X-bolt Pro. The main difference is that the Pro model has a top quality carbon fiber stock. It is from the same mould as the standard Hell's Canyon stock. Also the Pro bolt and bolt handle is spiral fluted. I like spiral fluted bolts B/C they let dirt or ice channel into the flutes and away from the working parts of the bolt. The Pro version also has a factory lapped barrel. I'm not sure if the Hell's Canyon has this feature.

    The bronze bottomed (Cerakoted) spare magazines are $60.! I got only one. If I feel the need for more I''ll get the less expensive all black magazines.

    I have a SWFA SS 3 – 15 x 42 FFP. mil/mil scope for this rifle and mounted it with Talley X-Bolt BRONZE rings. Yes dear readers, you can get color matching rings for Hell's Canyon and Pro rifles but only from Talley. How sexy is that?

    So this is my mountain rifle for hunting in Nevada and the mountain west.

  5. Алёна Телятьева says:

    I have no complaints except for the terrible factory packaging>>>arah.in/XJLx which lets the butt end of the stock flop in the box around unsupported, levering against the barrel tip which is held in place with a piece of syrofoam. Check to see that the screw securing the barrel in place at the muzzle end of the stock are tight, or the barrel will move around and affect your accuracy. It takes a while to get used to the long trigger pull and non adjustable tension, but then it's darn accurate.

  6. David Chantladze says:

    hi,I have one question for you,I ask help or assist to understand.I think buy Browning X Bolt but I want to remake on the case mdt tac 21.But I do not know if it will work out Browning X Bolt .and the second question,the quality of what carabiner is better rengton 700 police 300wm or Browning X Bolt 300wm.I will be grateful if you help me to understand this.

  7. jhov4 says:

    It would be nice if Nikon would get with the program and offer color match on their scopes. A burnt bronze gun with a black scope doesn't have a  good look. With the purchase of this rifle I will  unfortunately also be purchasing a color matched Scope, rings, and base from Leupold.

  8. Iain Bruce says:

    I got the rifle this week and love it mounted a hawke 10-50×60 scope on it and shoots bang on with federal 100gr. 243 and group size is half a inch at 100 meters going to test some home loads in the next week or so

  9. Jonny John says:

    Faster ???? What 1/10th of a sec faster? Another marketing point…in real life application i can see and issue with muscle memory going from short to long action or viseversa BUT DEFINATELY NOT "FASTER" to matter and media outlets like this channel bush those marketing points probably for endorsments….and this is just one point

  10. oncall21 says:

    You down talk marketing but you're reading off an auto queue. The recoil pad on this rifle is a bonus as is the 60 degree bolt throw. The added safety system is a waste as a gun is either loaded or safe. The now discontinued A Bolt 11 had everything (bar the X Bolt recoil pad) which with an after market prefit limbsaver pad was easily solved. All Browning rifles need a trigger job as 3lbs is not everyone's cup of tea.
    Sadly Browning (like Ruger, Remington and Winchester) now are flogging cheap budget rifles like Browning is with the A Bolt 3 which IMHO is a POS. The A Bolt 11 should never have been discontinued. Luckily I bought an A Bolt 11 in .308, .300WSM and .338 Win Mag last month. They were each $1,025 NEW here in OZ. The Browning X Bolt Hell's Canyon is a nice looking rifle with the X Bolt features. However with the 'plastic' mag, etc and at $1,800 NEW I'll stick with my A Bolt 11's.

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