Deer Hunting in Vermont

A “how to hunt’ video that turns out to be a ‘how not to hunt’ video, spoofing the educational film style of the 1950’s and 60s. It explains to out-of-staters, city slickers, and flatlanders the ins and outs of hunting the great white-tailed buck. Along with Jim Taylor and Darrell Thompson, my cohorts at BlueJ films in Burlington, this was made on a shoestring with the support of many of Vermont’s finest actors, who donated their time and learned to shoot guns. Upon completion of the last shot of the film, we were paid a visit by a state trooper who wanted to know what we were up to. Thankfully, he had a good sense of humor and we had proof of where the trophy animal used in the scene came from. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Deer Hunting in Vermont

  1. Tim Viereck says:

    I grew up hunting in VT, but it was my dad Phil who had the stories, getting shot at (like more than one shot, even after he started yelling), or getting yelled at himself for wearing blue instead of red: "You idiot! I almost shot you! Why aren't you wearing red?" to which he replied "Idiot? When did you ever see a blue deer?" Yep, a little scary out in them wood during deer-season! Well done, Blue J Films.

  2. Paul Harrell says:

    I've seen some of those old hunting films that you were supposed to take seriously. That just makes this even funnier. Love it. Was I the only one who noticed that the mouse was actually a shrew?

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