ArcheAge Underwater Treasure Hunting Guide

My ArcheAge treasure hunting guide! Learn what you need, where to go, and common mistakes. I’ve found close to 200 chests myself. Subscribe for more tutorials! for the north for the south

16 thoughts on “ArcheAge Underwater Treasure Hunting Guide

  1. Tath says:

    I've noticed there isn't anything that explains how the marriage system for this game works… someone should do one for it… or… suggest a good capture software & I'd give it a try. I'm dragging my husband into the game during the 4 day open beta starting on the 4th.

  2. JackDander says:

    "This game breeds a lot of dicks", you say as you just ganked someone and are ganking someone else.  Seems like the same levels of dickishness.  Nice videos by the way.

  3. Sarevok Anchev says:

    People in this game, both factions, are full of thieves and backstabbers.  It sucks when you try to be a decent human being and player in this game and just get screwed left and right.  I made a separate character from my guild mainly for just pointless slaughter of people that cross me.

    About the eastern guy at 10:30… That dude needs to learn how to reverse trade pack turn in.  Make a pack on the enemy continent and then sail it back to safety.  The only thing I don't like about this game is that you have to wait for certain areas to go in to "war" status to PK.  I really wish PKing was available once you hit level 30 in ALL zones.  Hope they have a PvP server with a rule set like this.  I have so many shit heads on my KOS list that I need to make ragequit so bad.

    Oh yeah, thanks for the video!
    -Nilfain "Mother Truckers"

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