Wyoming Elk Hunting – Guy Eastman – Beyond the Grid TV

Hike into the public land of Wyoming with Guy Eastman to hunt elk in October. Eastman is hunting DIY style in an elk unit he has hunted before. He locates a monster bull near the end of archery season, but is forced to back out before closing the deal. Can he relocate the monster during the October rifle hunting season?!

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14 thoughts on “Wyoming Elk Hunting – Guy Eastman – Beyond the Grid TV

  1. Will Falkner says:

    Great video guys and thanks for sharing. What digi-scoping adaptor is on your optics? Trying to get something set up on my Nikon spotter for photos without breaking the bank. Is that the Mellow-Yellow mouth reed?

  2. Jeff Morris says:

    Nice elk,but in all my year,s of hunting ,iv,e never not skinned and quarted one as soon as possible and hang the meat up in tree,s.An elk even gutted will not chill out .That thick hair is there for a reason.You had plenty of daylight left,if not then spend the night over a fire.

  3. Rodney Carpenter says:

    Love the videos and look forward to each one. I understand the need to advertise your sponsors, but having them pop up in the middle of the screen is annoying. One of the corners of the screen would be much better.

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