Henry AR 7 Survival Rifle

Shooting and discussing the very interesting little AR 7 survival rifle.
We appreciate Bud’s lending us this rifle!
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36 thoughts on “Henry AR 7 Survival Rifle

  1. plaguelock says:

    This would be perfect to have on you if you were ever to find yourself stranded out in the wilderness. You'd at least be able to shoot some squirrels or rabbits for food.

  2. therugburnz Nah, not so much says:

    I heard tale the original aka Real ones had no steel barrel liner. They rifled the aluminium because it wasn't intended to be used more than the number of times it took to take game until you got rescued. I got not citations, it be what I heard.

  3. Papa Smurf says:

    I own the charter arms ar-7. Unfortunately I have not been able to get it to fire assembled. It dry fires every time disassembled. Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

  4. wades623 says:

    i think that would actually be a good candidate for a a select system, semi auto/bolt action. it wouldnt even be that hard to accomplish. it would be the spas 12 of the .22 world.

    i also wonder if you could put single rounds in the holes along the sides for some extras

  5. Arong36 says:

    I feel like a .22 air rifle is a better choice for this type of gun. You can carry 1000 rounds in your back pocket and kill any small game.

  6. Ian Buckley says:

    The idea for this rifle is actually pretty cool. It's basically a lego rifle that hides itself within itself. Or maybe less weight for storage? Not entirely sure but it looks pretty cool.

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