Deer Hunting Oct 2016

READ THIS. This has a great self filmed archery deer kill shot on it using a cross bow and lighted nocks. We hunt with both Parker Crossbows and compound bows and enjoy them both. This is what we typically go through with our suburban deer hunting on our own land. Screaming neighborhood kids, trespassers, all kinds of disturbances and we still see a lot of deer. Hopefully we’ll get a bigger one before the season is out, but this one will help fill the freezer.

I’m using an Extinguisher Deer call:
and Ever Calm scent:

My Crossbow is the Parker Thunderhawk and I love it! you can get one here:

I use Dirt Nap Gear, DRT Broadheads. Amazing penetration!

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Equipment used on SGO and where to find it:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver bundle:
Rode video micro mic:
Vivitar Zoom Mic:
Phantom 3 4K Drone:
GoPro Hero 4 silver bundle:
Vivitar Zoom Mic:
Rode Video Micro:
Phantom 3 4K Drone:

Note: You’ll want the bundle on a GoPro! The different mounts are what makes it so unique.

36 thoughts on “Deer Hunting Oct 2016

  1. SH J says:

    VA is probably the worst state to hunt in . Dogs, tresspassers, and idiots shooting up the woods in all directions. Deer running flat out scared out of there mind and people hunting from the road in and out of season.

  2. MIKE WITMER says:

    I hope if you wound a deer and it goes on their land they are not so worried about trespassing and will allow you to go get the animal. That can be a real problem if you are adamant about them staying off yours.

  3. Thomas Mickle says:

    Screw these haters. I used to hunt in heavily pressured areas too, back in PA. If you pass on that deer the next guy sure won't. And that trophy 10 pt you would be waiting for, was already killed last year by that same guy. Nice legal kill!

  4. Stephen Duke says:

    I understand hunting small parcels of land, it's frustrating sometimes. I have people who sneak on the land that I put all the effort and money into, so that I can hunt. I try to let smaller ones walk, but that's my decision to do so. Truth is anything that moves gets shot all around me so management is not going to happen. I think people should mind their own business on how a man wants to hunt his land. Come on people I see a guy who loves hunting taking a legal deer and having a blast doing it. So Scott Gregg nice hunt! I hope you enjoy every hunt you have on your land.

  5. Aron Aron says:

    Cool shot. But the only reason you'll never kill a large mature buck on your property is cause your killing the smallest buck in the woods! Let them grow up unless your just starving for meat..

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