Rutting Alabama Bucks Deer Hunting 8.13

Backwoods Boneheads Jeremy Johnson and Justin Moore are in search of some Alabama bucks during the rut. Jeremy’s hunt doesn’t quite go as planned but can he still bring home a Bama bruiser?

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5 thoughts on “Rutting Alabama Bucks Deer Hunting 8.13

  1. Robert Bowers says:

    the crazy buck that had the antlers that went pretty much strait up i killed a nice 9 point this season just like it and also lol some of us in bama can shoot i killed 25 this past season i filled my freezer then gave a lot of them away to people who arent able to hunt or dont have time to hunt i just love being able to enjoy the outdoors and fill the freezers of others

  2. John Doe says:

    I need some advice.  My Dad and I are wanting to hunt on public land so we do not have to pay thousands of dollars for a guided hunt.  Where (in central AL) can we go to do this?  I know that there are a bunch of state owned parks that you can hunt but where specifically can we go and which ones are the best? Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. OchoAggie says:

    Glad to see some local Alabama action! Where abouts in Bama are y'all hunting? I'm in Sylacauga and hunt Coosa and Hollins WMA along with a few private properties. I would have cried missing that non typical. A droptine deer is my lifelong goal. Great video!

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