Crazy Hunting Story!!!

Unreal Hunting Story! Below you will Read some of Steven the Hunter that shot the bull Story of the Hunt Enjoy. Under that will be links to Instagram pages and sponcers links Thanks for watching!

After my first shot the bull went about 200 yards and laid down. The cows continued east towards where they had bedded before. I saw the herd several times in the same area.

I gave the bull about 10 hours until I thought he was done. When I walked up to the bull I cow called several times, but he would not sit up so I shot him again. The arrow passed through him but was high above the lungs in part because he was still laying down on his side. To my surprise he jumped up and ran, then crested a small ridge and I lost sight. With an hour before dark I focused my effort east towards his cows and bedding area. Instead the bull turned and went west over mostly sagebrush and died at the bottom of a draw. He went 1.4 gps miles from my second arrow.

I contacted the local F&G and explained what had happened. I stayed in contact with the officer as I continued to look for the bull. When I found the bull he was almost completely gone. The F&G said he thought a bear had eaten most of the elk. The F&G gave me a transport note so I could take my bull home.

Note – I have never worked with a better F&G officer, he was kind, understanding, professional in doing his job!

The bull scored 350.

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10 thoughts on “Crazy Hunting Story!!!

  1. Jay B says:

    Sorry guys, this is not a "Crazy Hunting Story"… This is a sad hunting story. Poor shot placement initially, then poor decision making on the initial recovery cost this hunter everything but the antlers. At least he was decent enough to work hard to find the rotted carcass rather than punching his tag on another bull… That said, thanks for the honest depiction of what happened…

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