Arizona Archery Bull Elk Hunt: Sept 2018

Father and son Arizona archery bull elk hunt during the start of the elk rut. My friend Jared and his 12 year old son Layne both drew early archery bull elk tags in AZ. We hunted hard for 2 weeks. I have hours of footage and this is what I put together. Lots of hard work and hiking goes unnoticed with all the unseen footage. Thanks for watching.

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25 thoughts on “Arizona Archery Bull Elk Hunt: Sept 2018

  1. Rich B says:

    I appreciate your effort in locating the downed bull. Others might have given up. Your effort will go a long way in teaching your son of the trials and character needed to be a good and ethical hunter

  2. BTS Trout says:

    Good to see an honest hunting video. Some exciting elk footage. Sorry you couldn't find the bull but that sort of thing happens in bowhunting. Of course, the YouTube hunting experts that always do it perfectly can judge you but in real life these things happen.

  3. welderse14 says:

    A lot of my buddies use small diameter slick tricks (maybe 3/4" cutting size).. I use Wasp JackHammers expandable that cut 2.5" I think…  To me a big hole bleeds better…

  4. C De says:

    No need to feel bad for the elk as long as you weren't doing it three or four times each year LOL and I'm sure if your son was getting that much shooting he would be getting his yardage figured out also… Nice hunt I'd hunt whitetails up in the northern Canadian woods here with you boys anytime or moose I'll guess their yardage don't worry

  5. dablaug ntxim ntxub says:

    why didn't you use a racking challenge to the satellite bull if he was aggressive, also you could use a cow decoy too and i think it would help to draw that bull closer being that open, but layene was a trooper and he'll grow up to be a great bow hunter just from seeing his poise and control..great job young man, but than me when i was his age lol.
    i shot at my 1st bull elk in utah and it was only a barely legal bull and i was so stoked and couldn't even pull my bow…it's unfortunate that happen, but it's hunting and things like that will happen sooner or later…the good thing is, it's a learning process and be a better hunter.

  6. Smoke eater says:

    Dang it man! Sounds like a high hit with only one lung struck. They are tough animals. If you hunt long enough it will most likely happen to ya. Happened to me more than once unfortunately. Good job staying after it, at least you found him, sucks there won’t be any backstraps on the grill but scavengers will make sure it’s not wasted totally. Good luck brother👍🇺🇸

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