27 thoughts on “Sugar's GoPro duck hunt V1

  1. Mister Vaseline says:

    Even dumb hunters get fooled by decoys. Every year there are stories of retarded hunters stopping their car near a field, loading their guns and shooting at a spread of decoys. In 2011, a hunter in my area was in his layout blind and got shot in the side of the head by some dumb fuck who was shooting at his goose decoys. Fortunately the guy did not die, but had to go to the hospital to get the steel pellets removed. Some people are sooooooooo dumb…

  2. Dean Pulsford says:

    apparently the decoys are so realistic that the sight of the dog swimming right past them, no vocal noises from them, and no head movement still fooled him. All i have to say is, if the decoys are so good they can fool people where can I buy these decoys?

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