23 thoughts on “Deer Hunting with dogs last day of season Jan. 4 2013- 14

  1. Laura Andrews says:

    I have grown up hunting with dogs. It has never been about getting a kick out of killing an animal. It is a way of life, to put food on our table. I enjoy all of your videos. I'm from a small town in North Carolina, called Trenton. We don't have that many big bucks around here, but we tend to snag one every now and then. I appreciate you posting videos on deer hunting with dogs cause I hear now they're some people trying to stop it. I look forward to seeing some new videos from you!

  2. Jeron Ray says:

    Watching your videos over and over and over again on a daily basis! I grew up rabbit hunting with my dad, he had to take me because I wasn't old enough to be on school. Lol. My favorite part of our hunts back then was the beagles singing. I don't hunt at all anymore but I always freeze up when I'm somewhere and hear dogs running. I would love to be around one of your drives just to hear the dogs. Although I don't rabbit hunt, I do have a small 10 acre tract of family land I stand hunt. I'm here in southern nc. Keep up your work!! You're my hunting inspiration

  3. Skeet Mckenzie says:

    I'm watching your videos getting so excited about dog season. I've watched at least 10 vids a day from you and others. Inspiring me to start recording in the woods myself. We hunt the same area. Keep up the great work man.

  4. Jimmy Harrison Jr. says:

    Hey mr mike . I live in Chesapeake Va. Me and my dad hunt all around the va area. I love your huntin videos . My dad an I have our own pack of rabbit dogs . They're pretty good . I just like watching other hunting videos on youtube. I might make some myself one day . Keep up the good work . I can't wait for the hunting season to start this year .

  5. Mike Lesher says:

    Absolutely some of the most dangerous hunting I have ever seen.  I am astonished.  At the very end you have 35 idiots shooting guns into the air.  What goes up, MUST come down!  What good is it to discharge a gun into the air?   Sit back and watch the video and watch how many times the muzzle of the guns were pointed into the direction of each other and were still loaded.  Once that deer was shot, the gun should have been unloaded, not paraded around like a show piece.  Very dangerous.  Apparently you have never taken the hunter's safety course. 

  6. J Elder says:

    Mike, I'm a dog hunter from Central Va. keep up the good work on the videos, my son and I have watched every one that you and catfish have put out. We look forward to many more to come.

  7. Ann Martin says:

    I killed 10 buck last year I killed my first big buck last year a 15 pointer me and my brother was mack the driver in the 15 pointer come byside me leading the pack I killed all of them 804 for eve

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