8 yd POV! Deep Timber Archery Elk Hunting – Film It Yourself Bow Hunt – Solvid

There’s nothing like archery hunting elk in the Idaho backcountry. To bowhunt them solo is not a good idea, and to pack one out may cause people to question your sanity. But year after year, bow hunters and their archery equipment sign up to the task at hand, and if they are lucky enough can enjoy the fruits of their labor with the healthiest meat on the planet.

During a self filmed (POV), solo elk hunting video, Chris hears a distant bugle on the far side of an intense, half mile thicket. It was the opposite direction then he had planned, but you never leave a bugling bull elk to go find another, so he took off his Solvid Head Camera Mount and bombed through the wet brush. On the other side was prime elk habitat and lots of sign. After swinging around a butte to get the wind in his favor, Chris called the bull in with cow elk sounds. He couldn’t handle it any more, and as he snuck in to see the culprit, but instead he ended up with an arrow through his lungs. Death was quick and within site. 3 days later, after much butchering and packing meat, Chris made it back to the trail head with a ton of the best meat around.

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18 thoughts on “8 yd POV! Deep Timber Archery Elk Hunting – Film It Yourself Bow Hunt – Solvid

  1. Kento der King says:

    Absolutely awesome bow.>>>ur2.pl/936 My 10 year old child thoroughly enjoyed it! It's the customary bow for their tournaments and so he was already using this in school. The added bonus of the other colors and items made it more fun for her.

  2. BonedOut Productions says:

    Solo elk hunting could be considered borderline crazy, but the sense accomplishment when it all comes together is very hard to beat and the reason we keep going back. Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Outdoor Product Review says:

    Nice Chris!! I was going to say that looks thick and nasty like Idaho, lol. I am going to post this video on my facebook site Outdoor Product Review. Hoping to have some footage this year of my elk hunt with the Solvid you sent me. Congrats buddy!

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